Education & Training

The Education & Training sector is large, highly fragmented, and demonstrates low correlation with broader macroeconomic cycles. The sector is undergoing a period of evolution, and presents exciting opportunities for highly experienced sector investors, driven by two key trends:

  • Increased emphasis on results, accountability, and customer ROI
  • Renewed focus on productivity improvements and efficiency gains

Increased Focus on Results

and Return on Investment

Across the education spectrum there is an increased focus on results and a drive toward greater accountability, leading to emerging industry trends, including:

  • New methods of content delivery, with increased focus on digital offerings
  • New methods of evaluating institutions based on objective measures, including competencies developed, student retention, graduation, and placement rates
  • Greater choice for parents and students

Renewed Emphasis on
Efficiency and Productivity

Budgetary pressures are forcing an increased prioritization on productivity and efficiency in how institutions are managed and how learning is achieved. This emphasis has led to continued interest from administrators and educators to embrace outsourced service providers in an effort to focus on core functions, improve return on investment, maximize resources, and reduce expenditures. These two overriding themes create attractive investment opportunities across the education and training sector as businesses that can help address these challenges represent compelling investment opportunities.

Providers of education; niche curriculum businesses; assessment, testing, and data analytics businesses; special education providers; professional development and training businesses; and others all present attractive sub-sectors within the education industry that are well positioned to deliver a strong value proposition to a large and fragmented customer base.

  Sub-Sectors of Interest

Education & Training Services

  • Primary and Supplementary Content and Curriculum Providers
  • Service and Product Providers to Schools
  • Corporate Training
  • Higher Education / Special Education
  • Adaptive Learning

Outsourced Services

  • Marketing Services
  • Sales Enablement
  • Technology-enabled Service Providers
  • Career Preparation
  • Assessment, Testing, and Data Management Providers

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