Futuri Media Acquires Prep+ from ReelWorld

Boca Raton, FL, September 30th, 2019 – Futuri Media LLC (“Futuri” or the “Company”), a leading provider of SaaS technology for audience engagement and sales intelligence to broadcasters and publishers, and portfolio company of Millpond Equity Partners (“Millpond”), has acquired Prep+, a provider of tech-enabled content software for broadcasters, from ReelWorld, a Seattle, WA based provider of off-the-shelf content for the radio and audio media industries.

Futuri provides its customers a comprehensive suite of software designed to drive audience engagement, revenue growth and enhanced sales team productivity. The Prep+ acquisition will enable Futuri to further enhance its content creation capabilities. Prep+ offers complete show prep for broadcasters and other media customers, provides constant updates of the most relevant news, music, entertainment and lifestyle stories as well as easy-to-use technology to enhance content with additional audio and video and enables the distribution of content to social media platforms.

“Futuri remains committed to supporting our clients’ needs and continually improving the quality and capability of our service offerings,” commented Futuri Co-founder and CEO, Daniel Anstandig. “With the Prep+ acquisition, we have added to the breadth and depth of our audience engagement offerings to assist our clients in developing the most relevant content and distributing that content to drive audience ratings and revenue. We are extremely excited to provide another value-added tool as part of our service offering.”

“The Prep+ acquisition further cements Futuri as the market leader in show prep and content development for the broadcast and digital publishing markets,” said Millpond Equity Partner, Larry Shagrin. “We look forward to continuing to assist the Company in pursuing both organic and acquisition-driven growth initiatives.”