Total alignment on your company’s future is the only way this works.

An investment partner with integrity is imperative to alignment and a successful outcome of your business.

When searching for the right partner you need to ask yourself, will they do what they say? Will they clearly define expectations? Will they be reasonable to work with?

When your institutional partner can’t or won’t align with you, achieving your objectives will be much more difficult.

At Millpond, we believe win win outcomes depend on alignment. That’s why we listen first, talk second and bring the flexibility required to create the right transaction, based on what we learn.

Complete alignment with you on your Company’s future is how we make partnerships with you and your management team succeed. We do this while preserving the Company’s business culture and the secret sauce that was key to building your business to where it is today.

If you believe your business has the potential to reach a higher level, then you deserve a partner who aligns with you, builds with you and wins with you.




With a track record of completing multiple transactions under timelines and terms identified, we are a capable partner that consistently delivers.


With any investment scenario it is important to gain familiarity with the business quickly so that we are moving in the same direction as fast as possible. We know that our first responsibility is to listen and understand your goals so that we treat our partners’ time with the respect that it deserves.


The structure of any transaction needs to work for all parties involved. At Millpond, we have a track record of creating a flexible approach to transaction structures, transitions and relationships that meet your goals and objectives.

“When I was seeking a partner to allow me to transition from the day-to-day management of FAS and a partner who could appreciate our culture and work with our team to accelerate the growth of the business, Millpond listened to our objectives, structured a transaction meeting our goals and has been an excellent partner to me and our senior management team as we execute our strategic plan.”


Our aim is to work with you to create value. We will focus on key functions to enhance demand generation, customer retention and process improvements. We bring new approaches with our toolkit partners and improve executive function and financial rigor via our established operating processes.


We are hands on investors. We work with entrepreneurs and their teams, bringing our experience in business and industry. We take pride in blending our experience so that our contribution to ongoing success goes far beyond an initial investment.


We are interested in long term success which means that we have to build relationships and trust with your team. We will be consistent in our behavior and work to be a positive influence on your culture.


“Millpond’s assistance in helping us develop a complementary team of high-performing sales, marketing, product development, and finance leaders; investing in new processes and optimized systems that modernized our supply chain management and finance functions; and providing overall support as we grew our thought leadership in the special education math market has been invaluable in achieving our results.”



Our goal is to enhance what you have created. To achieve organic growth together, we will collaborate with you and your team to produce a strategy and a targeted attack plan to address your markets and serve your customers.


Some growth ambitions are best achieved by acquisition. When appropriate, we accelerate growth required by adding businesses to our portfolio companies. We aid our management team by sourcing, structuring, financing and integrating add on acquisitions.


We understand each entrepreneur’s path to building their business and getting to this milestone of success is different.

Alignment begins with a conversation.

We’re ready to discover if we’re the right fit for you.