Right Fit.
Right Focus.

Our Story

Millpond Equity Partners brings a combined 60+ years of experience in private equity and operating experience to every partnership we create. Our area of focus is the lower middle market in sectors including, education and training, marketing services, business services to healthcare systems and providers and other business services investments.

Over the years, we’ve learned that entrepreneurs and management teams often encounter a common set of opportunities and challenges, and it’s our deep understanding of these core needs, combined with our complete commitment to getting to know your distinct business case and goals that distinguishes Millpond from other private equity groups.

In a sense, our story is all about yours–how we can take what we’ve learned and forge a successful partnership to write your next chapter. It’s our relationships that have sustained us over our decades in private equity, and that’s what we’re looking for to take us into the future.


Lawrence I. Shagrin


Jeffry S. Tobin


Mark A. Eidemueller


Blake H. Miller

Vice President

“Having founded Futuri as a media technology company with the backing of angel investors, as we explored our first institutional investor, Millpond emerged as the ideal partner due to their combination of strategic and operational experience and expertise. They have been collaborative partners as we enhance our organization, grow our core market and expand into new markets.”

Investment Philosophy

Through our committed emphasis on business services companies specifically within the business services sub-sectors of education, marketing and sales enablement and healthcare, the Millpond team has developed a deep understanding of both the macroeconomic forces and specific business-related factors impacting those industries. We are able to offer valuable insight to management teams regarding potential opportunities and risks, as well as provide specific knowledge and perspective on industry trends, market participants, and industry best practices. In addition, we have built an extensive network of operating advisers and industry contacts who are subject matter experts and can provide management with additional valuable guidance and advice.

While we are not, nor seek to be, day-to-day managers of our partner companies, Millpond offers an active level of support to transform lower middle market businesses and accelerate achievement of their strategic plans. We have worked closely with dozens of companies through our careers, particularly within the education, training, and outsourced business services sectors. With extensive board level and operating executive experience, we assist management teams as they define, prioritize and implement growth initiatives; expand and diversify service or product offerings, geographical presence, and customer bases; build and develop their human capital base; develop key financial reporting metrics and accountability; complete strategic add-on acquisitions; and implement various other operational improvements.

We identify and invest in companies sharing a core set of defining business model characteristics: a strong value proposition; sustainable competitive differentiation; and recurring revenue elements. We have consistently leveraged the advantages these value drivers enable to unlock value in our investments by focusing on the key value propositions when prioritizing growth initiatives; highlighting the company’s competitive advantages to the market; and enhancing customer relationships to drive recurring revenue.

Millpond believes in partnering with and sharing the rewards of growth with its strong, growth-oriented management teams. We understand the goals and objectives of our partners and strive to structure a relationship that provides win-win solutions. We offer entrepreneurs and owners an opportunity to achieve liquidity, while, if desired, retaining a continued investment interest in their business. For managers who are not existing business owners, we create a path for equity ownership by facilitating direct investment into their company, as well as participation in a stock option or other equity incentive program.

At Millpond, we believe in delivering on our commitments and exceeding the expectations of all of our stakeholders, including sellers, management teams, lenders, and investors. We possess a track record not only of successful investment returns, but also of integrity and long-term partnerships.

Working with Millpond

At Millpond, we believe the foundation for value creation begins with the relationships we have with our partners.

Prior to closing

Business sellers can expect:

  • Dedicated, ethical, and reliable partners
  • Certainty to close, including an emphasis on collaboration and empathy toward management’s needs
  • Engagement of diligence providers (e.g. accounting, tax, lawyers, insurance) with a track record of delivering results on-schedule, leading to an efficient closing process


Our partners can expect:

  • A collaborative development approach of strategic and tactical action plans with management, all based on our proven track record working with companies like yours
  • Operating expertise and a proven operating process that fosters rapid, profitable growth
  • Open communication throughout the relationship to discuss concerns, issues and opportunities in a trusting and transparent environment
  • Access to over 30 proven expert organizations comprising Millpond’s Toolkit Partner resource to assist management teams in accomplishing key initiatives leading towards value creation and enterprise value enhancement

Great connections start with conversations.

We’re ready to hear your business’ story.