Millpond greatly values its relationships with investment bankers, business brokers, accountants, lawyers, and other intermediaries that provide actionable transaction opportunities. We work diligently to ensure that we are highly responsive and respectful of our intermediary partners’ time and role in each transaction process, either engaging quickly and meaningfully on an opportunity, or providing rapid feedback that an opportunity will not meet our criteria. We pride ourselves on completing our due diligence work early in a process so that we can provide thoughtful and highly reliable initial indications of interest and final letters of intent and strive to differentiate our offers by the level of diligence work that we do.

From initial introduction to an opportunity through closing, we pride ourselves on being honest, credible, and forthright with our intermediary partners. As experienced investors in our sectors, we are able to have thoughtful meetings with target company management teams, quickly build a strong rapport, and demonstrate credibility from the moment we interact with an intermediary client. Because we understand the key issues facing businesses in our sectors of interest, we are able to move quickly and efficiently though the diligence process while providing specific requests to management that focuses their time on the highest priority diligence issues to both demonstrate the key value drivers in their business, as well as provide a clear and mutually agreed upon understanding of their company’s performance into the closing process. Throughout a closing process, we engage service providers with a long history working with Millpond and with deep private equity experience to facilitate an efficient and timely closing process. If you are an intermediary, we welcome you to contact us about any potential transaction you think may be a fit with our investment criteria.

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